14 Best Lyric Video Maker for Musicians & Content Creators [2023]

Right now, lyric videos are famous on every other social media platform. Are you also looking for ways to create them easily? Keep reading to find out.

From reels to TikTok, there might not be a social media platform where you won’t find a lyric video while surfing. From sad songs to heavy bass songs, lyric video makers are in great demand. These video makers have left no stone unturned in ensuring that their videos attract viewers.

In the wide range of new-age professions, lyric video-making has gained the limelight. Content creators use lyric video makers to make content that is very much liked by others. In this article, we will discuss what lyric videos are and why they are so popular on reels and TikTok. We will also discuss some of the best lyric video makers for musicians and content creators.

What are Lyric videos?


A lyric video is a kind of video that runs a song in the background while the words are shown. We can also say that lyric videos are music videos whose primary visual element is typography rather than narratives or musicians playing the song. With the introduction of music videos, all types of bands have utilized them as creative tools. 

A lyric video is far more creative and pushes your imagination to new heights. Before releasing the official video, bands frequently release a song with the lyrics first. Lyric videos appeal to indie performers since they can be produced with less money and allow listeners to learn the song’s words.

A lyric video is an excellent option for reels and TikTok for a number of reasons. Content creators can develop a variety of intriguing and viewer-attracting concepts with the right song, lyrics, and backdrop combination. Below are a few reasons lyric videos are so popular on these platforms. 

  • Instead of obtaining wrong lyrics from other sources, a lyric video will assist your audience in understanding the explicit lyrics of the music.
  • Making lyric videos is not a difficult task. You can create one quickly and post your music on social media. That is not only easy, but it also saves time.
  • It costs little to make a lyric video. There is no doubt that making a whole lyric video doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Lyric videos can help you in using your music to convey a story by using animation.
  • A lyric video can help your music become viral even before releasing the official video.

Let’s get to the list of the best lyric video makers to assist you.


VEED.IO is prepared to assist with whatever kind of video you wish to create, including lyric videos. Add audio and visuals, and even take off the grating background music. In other words, your lyric videos will seem impeccable, polished, and beautiful, thanks to VEED’s wide selection of tools. Be ready for your audience to applaud you! 

YouTube video

VEED is entirely an online video editor that operates right in your browser. Any web browser, such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., can launch VEED. You don’t have to spend hours learning complicated software or fill up your device with clumsy applications. You must submit your assets in any format, and the resulting film may be downloaded directly from the browser.

Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. automatically translates languages and adds subtitles to videos for any platform. You can automatically transcribe, translate, and add subtitles to videos using the power of Nova A.I. for more affordable editing. In order to create subtitles and transcriptions that may be modified for content and style, artificial intelligence (AI) identifies human speech patterns.

Nova A.I. transcribes more than 40 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin, into subtitles that can be automatically translated into hundreds of other languages. Once you’ve finished editing, you can burn the subtitles into your movie on the platform or download them as SRT or TXT files.


Flixier considers itself unique as it is the fastest online lyric video maker. As it is cloud-powered, all rendering is completed on their servers, guaranteeing that your films will always be available for download in three minutes or less. It also means that it functions without a hitch on any machine, be it a brand-new Mac, an outdated Windows laptop, or a low-cost Chromebook.

You can do a lot more with Flixier than add lyrics to videos. You may select from over a thousand fonts, create animated text, add transitions and animated overlays, and also use Flixier’s collection of Motion Graphics to inspire users to like, share, and subscribe to your channel. Moreover, you may clip, crop, and chop films, then layer images on top to make stunning audio collages.


Another free Lyric video creator with an easy-to-use UI is Kapwing. It won’t ever add a watermark to your video and is straightforward yet effective. With this helpful tool, you can easily add music, change the video backdrop, choose your preferred text font, color, and size, and time the lyrics text to make your lyric video come to life. 

YouTube video

The app’s primary screen is separated into two main panes: altering text boxes and creating videos. Its user interface is simple to grasp. It also has an extensive music collection with more than 4000 distinct tracks. Moreover, you can even use it to look up certain words and phrases in the lyrics.


Animaker is another free online tool that lets you create animated lyric videos with fluid typography. All you have to do is select the lyric video design you like most, edit your lyrics using one of 40+ fonts, 60+ transition effects, and 60+ kinetic typography effects, then upload or instantly publish your video to YouTube. 

YouTube video

With the push of a single button, you will be able to convert your everyday spoken words into music, which is the primary benefit of this tool. Afterward, you can create or listen to music using the built-in microphone. Up to nine songs can be simultaneously recorded and saved in one location. In fact, you can upload it on different social media platforms too.


One of the greatest free Lyric video creators online is FlexClip. Although being quite powerful, it is simple to operate. You can easily make a fantastic lyric video on your browser using FlexClip. There is no need to download or install anything. The web tool also offers a free music library and a tonne of text and video effects that may take your lyric video to the next level.

YouTube video

You can quickly transform a straightforward love song into a polished ad because of the software, which enables you to utilize your microphone, a graphics tablet, and screen capture tools all in one spot. Three themes are available for the FlexClip lyrics application: song, movie, and television show. This theme allows you to produce lyrics and videos in whichever manner you choose.


The online service Promo Lyric Video Creator provides a collection of tools for making and downloading music clips. You can utilize images from the built-in library of digital materials to make a film. Using this service, you can cut your films, choose your fonts and colors, and decide where the subtitles should be placed.

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More than 4,000 easily customizable themes are available on this website, making it simpler to produce lyric videos. You may also access 100M HD movies and photographs from this site because of the integration with Getty Images.


Streaming screens, slideshows, music visualizers, corporate logo intros and outros, and movies for employer branding can reach next-level creation with the video editing platform Videobolt.

The online application allows users to make customized Instagram stories and YouTube video intros. Users may also utilize Videobolt’s online video editor and download watermarked video previews with a free account. 

The creation of routine social media, sales, commercial, or corporate films, as well as the scalability of tailored, data-driven video content, are all covered by Videobolt. Videobolt is a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that even those without experience or specialized training in video editing may adopt. More than 1,800 skillful templates from seasoned experts are available on Videobolt. 

YouTube Movie Maker

The most awesome lyric video creation app for a personal computer is regarded as YouTube Movie Maker. There are several tools available for creating lyric videos and karaoke videos. Fonts, colors, sizes, backdrops, special effects, and other possibilities are among these.

There are two settings for the lyric video creator. Wizard mode is for amateurs, while the full mode is for experts. More significantly, the website has a tonne of step-by-step video instructions. Before beginning to create your lyric video, you may watch these tutorial videos they have uploaded.

Steve AI

Steve AI is another excellent option if you want to make various lyric videos, including animated ones. The AI creates videos using your lyrics and script. It produces lyric videos quickly and effectively without any concerns for watermarks. You can also discover incredible tools to edit videos and share your narrative. 

YouTube video

There are thousands of unique video templates, simple text modification and editing video and rich graphics assets, excellent voiceover and music selections, effortless cooperation, and a clever program that handles the creation and synchronization of videos.


Shorter versions of lengthier films can be created with Motionbox, which makes them ideal for sharing on social media and other platforms. The progress meter and built-in subtitle function are excellent. The more prominent films may be swiftly converted into writing so that blog entries can be easily created! That helps to save a great deal of time.

When you create great video material, you want to take advantage of your chance to connect with a worldwide audience. Motionbox helps you in connecting with the audience and create the video. The best way to guarantee that everyone can enjoy your videos is to post a video with subtitles, making your material accessible to everybody. 


On Typito, you can make lyrical clips that are both animated and live-action, fusing stunning graphics with music or other soundtracks to transform them into experiences. The best part is that your wallets will smile, too; it just takes a few minutes.

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If you’re searching for an easy way to add a subtitle or SRT file to a video quickly, Typito got you covered. From easy drag-and-drop editing, 500+ free templates, and 20+ video formats to live video previews, all are offered by Typito.


Media.io has you covered whether you’re a designer searching for a tool to realize your creative vision or a social media influencer trying to dazzle your followers with high-quality material.

Create beautiful video, audio, and picture files of any size using its robust editor and compressor. You may also change your files’ backgrounds or undesired parts with cartoon graphics or different effects.

YouTube video

With this robust collection of tools, you can quickly produce engaging educational clips or graphics and transform them into various file types, ensuring device compatibility and dismantling ineffective learning paradigms.

By eliminating distracting aspects and putting your material front and center in your movies, the background and noise reduction tool also enables you to produce polished, professional-looking videos. This tremendously improves learning and retention of new ideas.


You can create attractive videos to match your music track with Canva’s free online music video creator. With Canva, you can produce animated music videos that will get your audience moving or make lyric videos with well-timed text in mood-setting fonts.

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Moreover, you can give storytelling your full power by using Canva’s sophisticated audio-visual editing capabilities. You can find a variety of stock movies in its media collection, including calming seascapes ideal for a piano solo, neon backgrounds for electro-pop songs, and sweet pastels for nursery lullabies.

You only need to submit your video clips, music, and images to begin creating a video. The music video creator can handle your animated video needs. Use animation effects to captivate your audience. To further develop the concept of your music video, you may also use graphics, stickers, vectors, and other graphic design components.


A lyric video is a fantastic approach to engaging your audience more deeply. After all, it’s rare to find a music enthusiast who has never read a favorite song’s words. A lyric video has many advantages. 

Anyone can use these top lyric video creators to improve or add lyrics to their videos. You can use them to make videos that are more likely than regular music clips to receive likes on social media.

If you are into composing music, then you should check out these AI music generators.


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