10 Best Book Trailer Makers for Promoting Your Book

Want to promote your books to take them to the next level? Check out these best book trailers without fail.

Book trailers are something that is widely accepted in the literary world. You must have attempted various techniques to popularize your books as an author.

This includes increasing your social media presence, uploading an image of an eye-catching cover, reviews from influencers and celebrities, reviews on Amazon or any e-retail stores, sending email newsletters that people hardly read, and a lot more!

This article will discuss what book trailers are and why they are essential. We will also discuss what book trailers makers are. Lastly, we will have a look at some of the best book trailer makers for promoting your books. 

What are book trailers?


A book trailer is a multimedia combination of images, sounds, animations, music, texts, etc., that showcase the main narrative of a book. For an author, it is an intelligent tool to synopsize the book, and for a reader, it is a captivating tool to understand the book’s essence.

Also known as “video podcasts,” these trailers are occasionally alluded to as the “cinematic book trailers” for those of better caliber. The most popular digital video formats are used to distribute them online and on television.

Typical book trailer types include actors reenacting events from the book like a film trailer, entire production trailers, flash films, animation, or just still images with text that tells the tale.

This contrasts with author readings and interviews, which feature a video of the author reciting a passage from a work or conducting an interview.

What is the importance of book trailers for the promotion of a book? 

Book trailers are a technique that is getting popular in the literary world. However, one must know that the world’s first book trailer was a 9-minute audio recorded by Mr. Ernest Hemingway to promote his book Across the River and Into the Trees in the late 1950s.

This was far from the kind of book trailers we see today, the most recent being an AI-generated trailer for the book The Girl From Wudang by Brazilian novelist PJ Caldas. 

A book trailer uses video to introduce the story, the protagonist(s), and the book’s overall tone. In the end, it’s about drawing in potential readers and familiarizing them with the story. If done correctly, it may be a very successful strategy to boost downloads and boost book sales.

A trailer may be used as a supplementary piece of marketing collateral, even if it cannot take the place of a professionally created book cover and attention-grabbing book description.

An effective marketing technique for promoting your book is a book trailer. In addition, it provides readers with a novel introduction to your book and a marketing message that differs from a conventional book synopsis or review.

While an intense book trailer may effectively supplement your book marketing effort, a shoddy, amateurish book trailer might work against you rather than for you. 

What are book trailer makers?


The term “book trailer maker” refers to a tool that produces a small video sample that promotes the book and is intended to stimulate readers’ curiosity. Some choose a more professionally produced film with graphics, video bits, narration, etc., while some book trailer makers create essential movies with images and music.

These tools come in handy as they have a simple interface and easy steps to create trailers. Most book trailer makers have templates, graphics, audio, and different fonts, which help quickly make the videos.

So, if you’re a writer wanting to create a book trailer but don’t know how to go about it so that it becomes the next bestseller, you’re at the right place! There are plenty of book trailer makers available all over the internet. However, we have curated the best ones and listed them here.


Creating a book trailer can take time and lots of work, but FlexClip makes it as simple as possible. You need not be a learner to create a book trailer. FlexClip provides readymade templates or enables you to start from scratch.

You can upload images or clips or choose from a vast collection in their huge media library and customize it with text, music, animations, and more special effects. 


Using the tool’s broad functionality and lovely themes, you can easily design your own book trailer using photos, video clips, soundtrack, narrative, and special effects. In addition, FlexClip helps users in creating persuasive content for personal or business purposes.


In addition to readymade templates, Biteable provides a guidebook if one gets stuck. It offers over 24 million stock clips, images, animations, and music tracks to choose from. All edits can be done with a single click. You can also create trailers through collaboration with your team online. It is simple to use and provides the resources you need to quickly create a book trailer.

YouTube video

Also, you can share your newly generated video on any platform using a single link. Biteable also offers real-time analytics tools to analyze view count, viewer locations, and more. If you are starting out, you can generate full video book trailers in a matter of minutes with this online tool.


To use Veed, you need not download any software. Just get started right away. Veed considers itself flexible as it offers trailer makers to suit any genre, be it a murder mystery, romance, thriller, drama, poetry, fiction, or non-fiction. The trailer can be downloaded and ready to share. It can be resized to suit any social media platform just at the touch of a button. 


To make a fantastic and dynamic book trailer that appeals to a larger audience, you must integrate photos, video clips, music, and text. You can quickly create a book trailer with VEED online without downloading any software. Veed’s blog also provides tips for leveraging social media platforms for optimal results. 


Animaker promises to attract potential readers and guarantees a successful book launch. Its free version offers 500+ templates. Its top-notch features include a massive stock asset library, custom character builder, one-click animations, and instant resize. Also, Animaker has animated figurines you’re able to use to customize the charm of your caravan movie.


It boasts of helping 18 million users create their trailers. Not just that, it also boasts of having the world’s leading brands like Amazon, Hp, Nokia, Bosch, and Philips as its clients. You can export the trailer to your computer or upload it directly on social media platforms like Facebook or Youtube.  


Fastreel‘s simple design and explanation are an excellent platform for an author who is absolutely new to the world of trailer making. Its variety of tools helps in unleashing creativity. It has a video trimmer that splits your clips and deletes unwanted segments.


It has a slideshow maker where you can upload your files, add music tracks, and join your slides with transitions. Fastreel also has a ‘Crop’ feature to crop away the edges. You can also change the speed of the video or compress it. 


The AI-based video editing service Rav.ai combines cutting-edge, expert audio and video processing methods to give your film a polished appearance. Anyone can upload their uncut video footage to the portal, and it instantly returns professionally edited films.


Rav.ai claims to be the ‘best book trailer maker,’ and it is, indeed! It is similar to a Canva book trailer maker. You can find a book trailer of your liking, and Rav.ai will create a similar one to suit your preferences. You can add any cover and footage to make it more engaging. Rav.ai is best suited for students as it is inexpensive. 


Another well-liked internet application, Animoto, makes it simple to combine video clips, pictures, text, and music to create attractive book trailer videos. This book trailer maker is suggested because of its vast feature set and ease of use. 


Anybody can quickly create a book trailer using personal images and video clips, regardless of expertise level. At Animoto, you can create an account for free or sign up with Facebook to get started. Here, you can make and share unlimited videos free of cost. 

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a DIY video editor that can be used without any prior experience. It offers to let you work on different storyboards and timelines. You may load various video clips, photographs, as well as other media files into the program and work on them all at once. There are easy ways to cut, crop, perform retouching, and make other modifications to your movies. 

YouTube video

You may also discover a wide range of effects, animations, settings, royalty-free audio, filters, and other features in the program that you can effortlessly apply to your videos. You can even instantly add voiceovers to your book trailers and export them in various formats.


You get to pick from over 110 million Getty Images and premium iStock designs to engage your audience on Promo. Promo trailer maker is available online, is simple to use, and is entirely free. You can customize your trailer with unique intros, outros, gorgeous dynamic font styles, and transitions. Customize each trailer with your own logo or watermark


Once the trailer is done, add a personalized outro showcasing your website, a CTA, and what’s next. It has 1500 musical tracks to choose from for every genre and theme. Finally, it has a range of publishing tools for everyone to see. 


With Vimeo, companies, organizations, and creative professionals can create and advertise outstanding, influential films from beginning to end. You post your own artistic videos to the site for everyone to see, and you also peruse the videos already there to watch ones made by other producers. 


A video can be liked, commented on, or shared by anybody. Also, you may add any video to a Collection you’ve created or your Watch Later list. In comparison to YouTube, the community on Vimeo is far more appreciative of the stuff published there and has kinder and more helpful comments since it is seen as a more professional network of artists.


The creation of a video promoting your book is a highly successful strategy, despite the time and financial commitment. If done correctly, it can increase your credibility, expand your audience, and other benefits. But if you’re going to create a book trailer, you must ensure that it is of the highest caliber and has been carefully planned and executed. 

Thus, if you’re searching for another method of book promotion, be sure to adhere to best practices and produce a book trailer that you’re able to use as part of your online book marketing campaign.

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