Introducing Framer: The Best no-code Free Website builder

Are you exhausted from troubleshooting intricate code or spending a fortune on professional web development services? Do you know that you can create a website for your business with minimal or no coding experience? Whether you’re an enthusiastic blogger, a small business owner, or a budding entrepreneur, the tool we’ll be delving into today – Framer – offers a quick and cost-effective solution to set up a fully functional website in no time.

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What is Framer?

Framer is an interactive design tool specifically used for websites and prototyping. It is designed to facilitate the creation of marketing sites, landing pages, online campaigns, and various other web-based projects. It encompasses the entire design process, ranging from visual mockups to interactive prototypes, with the notable feature of being able to publish directly from the canvas. The best part is that it now has AI incorporated into it.

Features of Framer

Framer comes with a lot of features that enables it provide efficient services. This includes:

1. Powerful Tools for Dynamic Layout Creation

Framer design feature

Framer offers a free-form canvas for designing websites, enabling users to create stunning designs and dynamic layouts. Users can utilize powerful tools, import designs from Figma, implement flexible Grids & Stacks, use absolute positioning, and work on breakpoints seamlessly to adapt designs to any screen size.

2. Expressive Animations without Coding

Framer effects feature

The app allows users to design expressive animations and add captivating effects with just a few clicks, without the need for coding. By leveraging Scroll and Appear effects like Transforms and Parallax scrolling, Framer empowers users to bring their websites to life and make them stand out.

3. Streamlined Website Navigation with Visual Tools

Framer Navigation feature

Framer provides visual navigation tools that enable users to visually structure their pages and create links effortlessly. The app automatically updates all links when page names change and facilitates easy redirection of traffic. Users can link to other pages, scroll to specific sections, or open modals to streamline user navigation.

4. Enjoyable Content Creation with User-Friendly CMS

Framer CMS feature

Framer offers a user-friendly interface for managing content, making it enjoyable for users to handle blog posts, job listings, and marketing pages. Users can generate pages based on CMS entries and easily update content across the site. The CMS features filters and transforms to modify data and display it on the canvas, simplifying content management for clients or team members.

5. Faster sites for better Google ranking

Framer SEO feature

Framer prioritizes site performance, ensuring fast loading times, well-structured content, and accessibility for all users. The app utilizes powerful technologies to optimize sites globally, resulting in better search engine rankings and improved overall performance.

6. Superb site management

Framer site management feature

Framer offers site management tools to ensure websites are in excellent condition. Users can access the site’s history, allowing them to revert any accidental changes or broken publishes. By adding a staging domain, users can test changes before deploying them to the live site, and the ability to roll back changes in seconds provides added peace of mind.


Framer Template capture

Framer offers a diverse selection of top-notch responsive website templates, providing users with a wide range of design options tailored to their specific needs. With dozens of professionally crafted templates available, you can easily discover the perfect match for your project. These templates are designed to adapt seamlessly to various devices, ensuring a consistent and optimized user experience across different screen sizes.

What are the pricing plans?

The pricing for various plans varies based on features and target users, ranging from free monthly plans for individuals to team plans priced at $40 per month.

Framer Pricing

Advantages of using Framer


Framer stands out as the fastest tool for building websites because it allows designers to ship their designs immediately, eliminating the need to rebuild the design in code or another tool. This expedites the development process and streamlines the workflow.


Framer empowers designers of varying skill levels to design and launch websites without the requirement of a dedicated frontend team or extensive web programming knowledge. Basic canvas skills are sufficient to utilize the tool effectively.


Framer aids in producing high-quality web experiences. Websites created with Framer tend to have appealing scroll effects, responsive breakpoints, embedded videos, functional forms, and other elements that contribute to a top-tier web presence.


Framer is a versatile tool with no limitations. Designers can freely express their ideas on the canvas or in the content editor, facilitating a wide range of creative possibilities. Real-time collaboration and the option to incorporate code for custom requirements further enhance its flexibility.


AI is truly transforming the way we work. We can never tell the nature of the advancements that are yet to be born. The best decision we can make is to position ourselves well for this development and have an open mind.

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Joy Mamah

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